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Online Trading


The forex market is the world’s largest, far exceeding the trade in stocks and securities. With MMAFOREX you can trade more than 60 FX pairs on the international currency markets – with leverage of up to 400:1. Discover why MMAFOREX is the natural choice for Forex trading.

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CFD Trading

CFD trading has been the driving force behind the rise of online trading. When you trade CFDs you speculate on the price movement of the underlying asset without actually owning the asset itself. With MMAFOREX you can trade CFDs with leverage of up to 200:1. Learn more about CFD trading here.

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Online CFD trading has made the world’s stock markets accessible to everyone. MMAFOREX offers CFD trading on the biggest stocks on the most important exchanges around the world, directly from your PC, tablet and smartphone. Start trading US and European stocks today with leverage of up to 20:1.

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Since its creation in 2008, Bitcoin has become the undisputed leader of a whole wave of digital, decentralized crypto-currencies. What makes Bitcoin particularly interesting for traders is its high volatility. With MMAFOREX you can also get a leverage of up to 20:1 when trading Bitcoin.

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Gold and Metals

Gold is an important traded commodity and is often used as a safe haven investment in times of market turmoil. With MMAFOREX you can trade gold CFDs with low spreads and leverage of up to 200:1. In addition to gold, you can also trade silver, platinum, palladium and copper.

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Oil and Energies

Oil and energies are particularly dynamic markets that have a tremendous impact on the world economy. MMAFOREX offers CFD trading on Crude Oil, Brent Oil, Natural Gas, Heating Oil and Gasoline with low spreads and no brokerage fees. Trade Oil and Energy CFDs with leverage of up to 100:1.

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ETF Trading

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) give traders a highly convenient way to speculate on the fortunes of different industries, regions and markets. MMAFOREX offers a range of more than 25 popular ETFs to trade as CFDs, giving traders the ability to trade long or short with leverage of up to 20:1. Learn more about ETF trading here.

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During the recent financial crisis government debt, bonds and treasuries came sharply into focus. With MMAFOREX you can follow the markets for government securities and trade CFDs on bonds and treasuries with a leverage of up to 100:1.

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stock indices are among the most popularly traded instruments online. Trading stock index CFDs requires you to consider the economic outlook and its potential impact on an index such as the FTSE 100, which reflects the collective value of companies such as Barclays, Unilever and more.


Litecoin has emerged as a real competitor to Bitcoin, aiming for greater stability and efficiency. With MMAFOREX you can get leverage of up to 10:1 when trading Litecoin CFDs and you can trade long and short with instant execution. It couldn’t be easier to trade your view of the future of crypto-currencies.


Diversify your trading portfolio by trading soft commodities such as agriculturals. Corn, soybeans, wheat, coffee, sugar and cotton are all part of our daily lives and are constantly traded on the world markets. Now you can trade both long and short in all the main agricultural markets with MMAFOREX CFD trading.