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Autochartist – Automated Technical Analysis

Autochartist is an award-winning automated technical analysis tool implemented on the trading platform that identifies trading opportunities across hundreds of financial instruments.

With its continuous scanning of the intraday markets, the Autochartist tool uses its advanced recognition engine to identify the strongest potential trading opportunities and predict future price movement.

 Chart pattern recognition Identifies chart patterns of all types – both emerging and completed – with a pattern quality indicator to help you make the right decision.
 Fibonacci pattern recognition Automatically identifies a range of simple and complex Fibonacci patterns, from retracements to butterflies.
 Key level analysis Autochartist helps you to set stops and limits by identifying support and resistance levels. The software classifies levels as either breakout or approach.
Pattern Quality Indicator A set of four visual indicators that allow the user to tell, at a glance, the probability of a pattern completing.

Whatever your trading style is, Autochartist takes the time and complication out of performing sophisticated technical analysis – so you will never miss a trading opportunity.

Start Using Autochartist with MMATrader – Seize your trading opportunities now!

The Autochartist is fully integrated into the MMATrader trading platform, and is available free of charge for clients who deposit from as little as $500 USD.

Speak to your account manager about adding MMAFOREX tool to your trading platform.